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Our story.

The Habibi Portal Company's founding and launch trip is very inspiring and motivating. Founded in 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With the motto and motivation to serve people all over the world. However, with our inspiring projects and related business ideas, we have expanded throughout the Middle East and later around the world. In mid-2019, we diversified by developing e-commerce websites.

Within a short period of time, we served several big names in the industry worldwide with our IT services. The success was huge. We stuck to our motive and have performed outstandingly to this day. Today we have our business all over the world including IT support and call center support from business partners in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Asia and Australia.

The team.

Digital evaluation demands modernized techniques, where one should be able to adapt to the modern trends of the era. Huge companies of today’s era are totally dependent on online trading platforms, like Habibi Portal e-commerce platforms.

Scroll through our client stories and you’ll find out the relationship we have built over time without clients. This connection was built through pushing them nearer to their business goal, fueling target accuracy, minimizing risk, and every other aspect that a client would expect.

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